Contract Negotiations and Risk Management

Construction projects typically utilize one of three groups of standard construction agreements: AIA construction contracts, EJCDC contract documents, or the AGC/ConsensusDOCS construction project agreements. Our attorneys have vast knowledge and experience utilizing and modifying standard construction industry contracts to achieve our client’s objectives.

We provide sound advice regarding the most appropriate standard industry project for a given project as well as the necessary modifications. Ensuring that every contract you enter includes provisions that are suitable to your company and project provides the foundation for protecting your interests.

The attorneys of Elmore Goldsmith Kelley & deHoll work closely with our clients during the bidding process, in the negotiation and draft of construction contracts, and the subsequent change orders.

We believe one of the best preventative measures and long-term solutions for our clients is to enter thoughtful and appropriate contracts for their projects. For more information regarding how we can help you in the drafting or negotiation of a construction contract, please contact us.

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