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The 2015 South Carolina OSE Manual – Bidding as Usual

By on May 16, 2016 |

When I learned Chapter 6 in the Office of State Engineer’s Manual for the Planning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements Part II went from 20 pages in the 2011 edition to 17 pages in the 2015 edition, I expected to see significant changes between the two editions. However, the changes are only skin deep, consisting of formatting. There is only one substantive change allowing the contractor to waive the 7-day time between the Date of Commencement and the Notice to Proceed. Otherwise, the procurement of design-bid-build projects in the State of South Carolina is bidding as usual. You can download the newly updated Chapter 6 governing the procurement of design-bid-build project here.

This post is part of a series by Elmore Goldsmith attorney Leslie Sullivan examining recent changes to the 2015 edition of the South Carolina Manual for Planning and Execution of State Permanent Improvements.  The manual can be found in its entirety here. To view other posts in this series, click here.

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